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  • March 27, 2018

    What’s Old is New Again

    When Morristown NJ wanted to create a new loft-style building, MHS Architects looked to SoHo New York where original cast iron loft buildings provided the inspiration. Since buildings are no longer made using cast iron, VM Zinc provided the perfect solution. The material’s versatility combined with the natural patina and permanence allowed for a modern interpretive and sustainable architectural response. VM Zinc’s extraordinary malleable properties allowed us to reimagine how classical façade details can be made. Contrasted with the silvery manganese ironspot brick the Quartz Zinc oriel window projects off of the building and creates a covered pedestrian arcade where pedestrians can experience the natural beauty of zinc close up.  This classically designed multifamily building contains 59 residential units and 3,500 SF of retail on the ground floor. View more photos here.

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