• Journal Square City Center
  • Jersey City, New Jersey
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Journal Square, Jersey City’s historic downtown, has extraordinary potential. The Journal Square Redevelopment Plan is the direct result of months of public input, planning, and urban design which will serve as a blueprint for the revitalization of Journal Square. With the Journal Square Transportation Center at the center of roughly 244 acres, The Journal Square Redevelopment Plan is the culmination of an ambitious planning effort that has included extensive public participation, an analysis of existing conditions, a parking study and the Journal Square Vision Plan. The Plan builds upon the previous efforts of the City of Jersey City, the Jersey City Redevelopment Agency, Special Improvement District members, and residents of Jersey City who have contributed to the continued improvement of Journal Square.

Project At-A-Glance

Developer/Client: City of Jersey City Redevelopment Agency

Location: Jersey City, New Jersey

Size: Redevelopment Plan with Form Based Zoning Cod, Land use, Transportation, Open Space, Community Process, and Vision Planning. View more information here.

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