• Hoboken & Jersey City Coastal Defense Plan
  • Hoboken & Jersey City, New Jersey
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Lying at the foot of the Palisades, downtown Jersey City and Hoboken are particularly susceptible to flooding from rising water levels and storm surges. The natural geography of the Palisades presents a unique opportunity to protect this dense urban area. By creating a dike that ties into the Palisades at the southern part of Weehawken, where the cliffs are close to the Hudson River, and then continuing the dike around Hoboken and Jersey City to Liberty State Park and tying back into the Palisades, we can create an aesthetically pleasing and affordable permanent solution to protect both cities from sea level rise and storm surge by building out into the Hudson River rather than building walls up that would obstruct Hoboken’s magnificent views.

Project At-A-Glance

Developer/Client: UCDC

Location: Hoboken & Jersey City, NJ

Team: Anton Nelessen, PP, Dolan Commercial Real Estate Services, Inc., McLaren Engineering and China Construction America

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