• The 6th Street Embankment Plan
  • Jersey City, New Jersey
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What better way to utilize existing under-utilized urban land, expand walkability, improve transit accessibility, provide mixed and multiple uses, and enhance urban life quality than to design the reuse of an abandoned, elevated rail bed into a unique urban corridor and greenway. This urban design was proposed as a strategy to attract residents and businesses as well as become incorporated into the East Coast Greenway which is a comprehensive urban trail that will eventually run from Florida to Maine. By preserving the historic walls of the elevated rail bed and reconstruct where deterioration has occurred, this elevated urban linear park could provide pedestrians direct connections to and from the grid of the city to the Waterfront, the redevelopment areas, and the East Coast Greenway.

Project At-A-Glance

Developer/Client: Steven L. Hyman Developer

Location: Jersey City, NJ

Size: Residential & Recreation Mixed-Use Concept Redevelopment Plan; 6 Acres of Elevated Public Open Space; Adaptive Re-Use of Existing Elevated Railroad Embankment

Team: A. Nelessen Associates

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