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Westfield, NJ – Downtown’s New Multi-family Apartments

A 70-unit, four-story building is being incorporated into Westfield’s entryway at Central and South Avenues intersection. This Westfield, New Jersey’s downtown real estate has easy access to Westfield’s train station only two city blocks away.  As smart growth development and truly transit-oriented, this multi-family structure is surely going to attract professionals and local empty-nesters looking to downsize. By studying Westfield’s current architecture, architect Dean Marchetto captured Westfield’s urbane character. “We’ve looked at some of the most distinguished features of the architectural character of the downtown and made reference to them, incorporated them into a style that is reminiscent of what downtown Westfield feels like now.” Marchetto said. “It’s kind of a homegrown design, if you will.” With a completion date set for spring 2017, this 126,340 square foot property will feature 70 luxury one and two-bedroom rental apartments with enclosed parking, a lounge with a wet bar, a gym, yoga room, and two rooftop lounges. For more information, please contact Zachary Newlands.

Project At-A-Glance

Developer/Client: Sciaretta Enterprises LLC

Location: Westfield, New Jersey

Size: 4-story Multi-family Building; 70 Residential Units; 101 Parking Spaces

Completion: 2017

Team: Claremont Construction Group

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