• 88 Regent Street
  • Jersey City, NJ
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88 Regent Street is located on the northern edge of the Liberty Harbor North Redevelopment Area. 88 Regent Street holds a prominent position on the Jersey City skyline and the building will create an iconic entry into the neighborhood as a signature 32 story tower. This mixed-use multifamily maximizes views of Lower Manhattan by creating setbacks on the upper levels giving each unit a window facing the World Trade Center. The 12-story base matches the height of the adjacent buildings and then the amenity floor sets back to reveal a clear distinction between base and tower.

88 Regent Street is a major transit-oriented project and will make a strong connection to the train station with a public plaza that connects the lobby and retail of the building to the train station. This plaza will help calm traffic for people trying to get to the train station from the building and create a greater sense of arrival for the building.

With incredible views, 88 Regent will greet people with a public plaza, it will connect with its surroundings, and provide an iconic identity for the neighborhood to become the most desirable place to live in Liberty Harbor North.

Project At-A-Glance

Developer/Client: 88 Regent Street, LLC

Location: 88 Regent Street, Jersey City, NJ

Size: 32-Story Mixed Use residential; 40,505 SF; 392 Residential Units; 9,110 SF Retail; 5,595 SF Office Space; 305 Parking Spaces

Completion: 2020

Team: InSite Engineering