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  • February 23, 2018

    700 Jackson – Part 2

    Hoboken, New Jersey is the perfect transit-oriented city for New York City commuters. Hoboken is surrounded by the Holland Tunnel to the South, Lincoln tunnel to the North, between Jersey City Heights to the West and the Hudson River and New York City to the East.

    Located on the furthermost western edge of Hoboken, 700 Jackson has a large footprint and industrial history. Formerly home to the city’s towing operations and located behind the Monroe Center, a premier artist and office space, this site has been in transition since the 9th Street Light Rail station was completed in 2004. Coined “Hoboken’s Final Frontier”, residents near this western edge of Hoboken began to witness and appreciate a neighborhood formation. Keen developers have revived the area and now 700 Jackson is positioned within this new Smart Growth development as the final piece to this extraordinary place-making neighborhood, contributing a fresh transit-oriented structure and balancing it with public amenities, parks, and flood protection.


    Extensive community involvement helped to conclude the design and completion of this neighborhood. The Jubilee Center was the main venue for six well-attended public meetings for the planning and design presentations. The idea of adding the park parcels came out of those public meetings discussions. The first presentation included only the original parcel with the as-of-right plan. The developer and the architect returned again with an additional parcel to present and for discussion. Eventually, when returning with all three parcels to present, the residents seemed to be quite satisfied with the plan.  Multiple building configurations were presented with view shed, shadow studies, and open space layouts.

    700 Jackson will greatly impact and support the Monroe Center For The Arts. Monroe Center for the Arts is the premier arts and business community in Hoboken NJ. Home to over 40 small businesses, all studios should expect activity to triple once 700 Jackson is complete.

    Bijou Properites’s development will significantly impact this transit-oriented neighborhood with several public amenities. Bijou Properties has donated the first public 6,835 square foot multi-use gymnasium with a classic field house design. This unique multifunctional space is an activity center with a center game court. This public facility provides the flexibility to host a basketball game one day and a bake sale the next.

    700 Jackson is directly adjacent to the 9th Street Hudson Bergen Light Rail station encouraging walkability. Easily accessible from Jersey City using the Light Rail’s elevator and from downtown Hoboken by using the Light Rail, or by walking, biking or busing, 700 Jackson is a unique place in the making. The entire genesis of the project centers on the creation of a new and active neighborhood and after years of planning, 700 Jackson is now taking shape.

    Working together accomplishes great things for all stakeholders involved.  Redevelopment projects like this can be a tool to shape the way a city can grow and fund infrastructure, recreation, and cultural improvements, provided that the City sees development projects as an opportunity and the developer is willing to be flexible. By having a genuine interest in working together toward a common goal of creating exceptional places, the City, the developer, the residents and the environment benefit from the creativity and collective input that was cultivated over the years.

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